Sunday, January 24, 2010

Living my Catholic faith one day at a time

After watching the move Fireproof and it's use of The Love Dare book, I came up with an idea for a notebook/workbook I could create for myself to help me become a better Catholic. My idea was to make a list of 30-31 things I could do to incorporate my faith into my every day life. When someone comes into my home, I want it to be obvious that I embrace my faith. I want my words, actions and lifestyle to reflect my Christian values that are so important to me. The notebook will have a different task for each day of the month. On any given date, I could pick it up, flip to that days entry and try to complete the task for that day. The main idea is to do it slowly and not try to be the perfect Christian. By adding your faith into your life gradually, soon it will become second nature.

Well, I did work on that book and it's 90 percent finished. I put it on the back burner for awhile but it is time to bring it back out. I will be posting entries from the book here on my blog and maybe it will not only help me be a better Catholic but perhaps someone else who stumbles onto my blog will benefit from it also.


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