Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Isaac's Miracle

People who are pro-abortion would say that Isaac should never have been born. Doctor’s said he would not live. They advised Isaac’s parents to terminate the pregnancy. His parents refused to do that and went home to pray and hope. Watch this video which was made a couple of years ago. Pro-abortion advocates would say that it is unfair to bring a child in the world who will have to live with handicaps, medical intervention, pain and may die anyway. But in the video you will see how doing things God’s way has changed these people’s lives forever. What abortion advocates don’t understand is that Isaac is a child of God and that all of us are only on this earth for a very short time. But in heaven with the God of this great universe Isaac will have no pain, no operations, no wheelchair, and no sadness. God brought Isaac to the world so that the people who know him will love more, care more, give more and hope more. God knows that Isaac and his family can handle the hardships that He asked them to endure. God allows Isaac's suffering so that we can witness what holiness, true faith and trust in God is all about.

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Since this video is a couple of years old and the website link at the end of it is not working I thought maybe something had happened to Isaac. I did a search for Isaac’s Miracle and found them on Facebook. They are working on getting their website back up but happily Isaac is well and they have pictures on there as recent as this Christmas.

God Bless