Friday, August 11, 2017

Not That Mom

Today we moved our middle two daughters to college. It was a wonderful day! In the coming weeks, more than one person will ask me if I’m sad or if I miss them and say how hard it must be to send them off on their own. I understand the assumption. Many if not most moms dread this time in their kids’ lives. But my answer to that question is usually “I’m not that mom”. Kinda snarky huh? I don’t mean it to be and I definitely have compassion for all the moms who cry and hate letting their kids go. They love them and I guess they aren’t ready. I’ve just never had those feelings. I'm always ready for the next stage, the next milestone. I never want time to stop or for them to stop growing up. I was always so excited to see them master a new skill or move on to a new stage, that it didn’t occur to me to think of it as some kind of loss (for me) of their youth or innocence. I taught them to be independent, to advocate for themselves and to be responsible for their actions. Because I always knew they needed to be ready for this roller-coaster life.

Let’s be clear, I love my girls ferociously, but I don’t want them to live with me forever. I want them to venture off on their own life path, because this is what they want and this is how it’s supposed to be. I pray that I’ve done everything I can to prepare them for the years to come. I’m glad that they are just a text or Facetime or a phone call away. They know that if they need anything at all; money, advice, a solution or to just listen, that I am here for them any time. 

Will I miss them? Of course! But not in a sad way. I like when they are around. I will miss seeing them daily and hanging out with them, and I will be very happy to see them when we go visit or they come home on school breaks. 

My prayer for them is that they recognize that the happiness they strive for will only happen when they remember to lean on their creator. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for them.